Classical Buddha

The portrait depicts only the face of the classical Buddha. However, the face has not been depicted in the usual manner of simplicity. Here the artist plays with the shades of the face in order to bring about a perfect harmony in the contrast of the scheme of colors that have been used. Hence, although the entire face has been depicted in gold, just the forehead has been colored red. Buddha’s hair has also been painted accordingly in shades of gold and red. The eyes are closed in the traditional face of meditation. The face is also surrounded by lotuses in red and pink in order to depict the eternal message of peace as propounded by Buddhism. Such loud and bright colors such as red and gold have been essentially toned down and used in perfect contrast with each other in order to use it in a more Buddhist context to depict the theme and the message at the very best. Most of it forms a perfect semblance on the backdrop of beautiful green that has been painted by perfectly blending in the different tones. In the painting the face of the Buddha has been made in to the centerpiece with the main focus.


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Artist: Mahendra Jalan


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